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Tools That Improve Profitability

If your sales force can't communicate with your company quickly and efficiently, you're in trouble. At the K3 Group, we create sales and productivity tools that help companies streamline their processes, cut errors, and save time. In a nutshell, our products allow sales people to quote accurate prices – no matter how complicated the pricing process. And that saves the company money.

We know that customers need to realize an immediate return on their investment, so we've designed easy-to-use solutions that deliver value quickly. All of our applications are Web-based and accessible over the Internet. Customers simply open a browser and use our applications, without having to buy hardware, install software, or configure any systems. All of our interfaces are designed around specific roles in your company, such as sales manager, sales person, or pricing manager. And because the interfaces are an intuitive extension of your business, employees can get started with very basic training.